Battle of the boob brand

It always pays to recycle: card, glass, newspapers etc., can all be fed back into the general consumption machine that is the planet earth. But what about trends in pop, fashion etc.? Can they be said to be recycled material or an attempt at using imitation as the highest form of flattery? For the singer/artist/enfant terrible of the music industry, Lady Gaga, it pays to pay homage to previous sensations such as Madonna in order to rake in the big bucks but an ice cream made of breast milk called 'Baby Gaga' is apparently a step too far in copying an international brand.

The Covent Garden ice-creamery now famous through producing 'Baby Gaga', a breast milk flavour made from a London mum, is going to be sued by Lady Gaga for playing on her name to make its brand famous, Digital Spy whispers in our ear.And here we were thinking that any opportunity to dress up as a Danish Jersey on stage would be welcomed by the eccentric star.

'The singer said that the ice cream - made from human breast milk - was 'nausea-inducing' and attempting to capitalise on her name. However, the product has already been removed from sale while the food standards department check whether it meets hygiene requirements.'

'Matt O'Connor, owner of the Covent Garden-based Icecreamists parlour, told The Guardian: 'A global superstar has taken umbrage at what she describes as a 'nausea-inducing' product. This from a woman with a penchant for wearing rotting cows' flesh. At least our customers are still alive when they contribute to our 'art'.'

It's a dispute bitter enough to make the milk turn sour.

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