G Spot enlargement all the rage

Now we've all heard of getting a flu jab. Maybe even a contraceptive jab. But a jab in the Grafenberg?! Yoouuuuuuch!

Tear inducing as it might sound, G-Spot enlargement might just be the best thing since sliced bread. Pioneered by LA Vaginal Rejuveration specialist Doctor Matlock the G-Shot promises to do for women what viagra does for men, by inflating the mythical pleasure font to ten penny piece proportions with collagen - for heightened orgasmic sensitivity,

The saucy shot can be administered in the blink of an eye, (a half hour lunchbreak would do it) although ladies are advised to wait 4 hours before test driving their giant pleasure pulser in the bedroom. Once pumped up the randy jab can last for up to 4 months. Which, at 800 pounds a shot, means 200 a month for feeling as horny as a toad. Bargain.

Women who think they actually have a G-Spot and who've had a shot, are raving about the kinky collagen, claiming to be whiling away long weekends romping like teenagers - while experiencing some of the longest and most intense orgasms of their lives.

Sound too good to be true? Some 'non believers' say the anecdotal power of the magic jab is all down to auto suggestion, pointing out that if a smooth talking quack tells a woman he's going to pump her full of horny juice, it'd be difficult not to get frisky at the mere thought.

Still, whatever's in it, and however it works, who cares. First things first - get a location on that G-Spot ladies. And if you need any help....

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