A tool for evil

It's the latest idea in sexploitation science fiction: a dastardly villain seduces dozens of willing females and through (ahem) insemination, his powerful, genetically-modified swimmers control the minds and bodies of damsels-in-distress, making them his willing subjects. Maybe the idea of controlling victims through sex isn't necessarily a new one but when it involves the concept of releasing physiology-altering proteins into a female body, it really does seem like something from the 25th Century.

According to an article published by the Public Library of Science Neglected Tropical Diseases website, studies into the abilities of male mosquitoes have revealed that during mating, the male's sperm actually starts to live within the female, governing characteristics such as feeding and further mating. Such exploration in this field could lead to altering this sperm to prevent females from biting humans and thus spreading deadly diseases.

'Dengue [Fever] is a potentially lethal infection that impacts millions of humans annually. This disease is caused by viruses transmitted by infected female 'Aedes aegypti' mosquitoes during blood feeding. No commercial vaccine or treatment is available for dengue infection. One way to break the disease transmission cycle is to develop new tools to reduce dengue vector populations. Seminal fluid proteins (Sfps) produced in the reproductive glands of male mosquitoes and transferred to females in the ejaculate during mating could be the target of such a tool.'

But consider the possibilities for humans and for the rise of a new breed of super-villain: 'The Penis Perpetrator', able to bring women under his power with his magnificent sperm. The possibilities for pulp fiction are endless.

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