Fury over Pakistani doctor’s ‘sex book’

An 81-year-old Pakistani doctor is receiving short shrift from fellow countrymen after writing a sex-ed book from a Muslim perspective.

Dr. Mobin Aktar believes sexual ignorance in Pakistan is unnecessarily harming and even leading to the death of young Pakistanis.

He said: ‘Ignorance about sexual matters is causing a lot of our young people unnecessary psychological distress, including suicide, and we have to change that. When I started to study what the Koran, Islamic law and religious scholars had to say about it, I realized there is so much discussion about sex in Islam. One would be surprised.’

Despite quoting widely from the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran, many conservatives have taken offence at the book, calling it pornographic, and threatening him. For the Urdu version he toned down the title from Sex Education for Muslims to Special Problems for Young People, but he has still found very few bookshops willing to stock it or newspapers that will print advertisents for it.

‘It is a very sad reaction,’ Aktar said.

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