From Sarge to Marge

The land of Castlemaine XXXX beer, kangas and boomerangs has recently done a u-turn (see what we did there?) on its policy on sex-change personnel serving in its army. Which is surprising, seeing as we thought 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' was a true-to-life account of living in the Australian outback.

The Huffington Post passed on the news to us that one Matthew Clinch, 31, soon to be Bridget Clinch (no, that's not a suspect porn-star name!) brought about the revision of policy after challenging claims that undergoing gender reassessment would render her incapable of doing her job.

'I'm in uniform, with clippered hair, just thinking, 'What the hell?' Clinch tells the Sydney Morning Herald. 'This shouldn't be that big a deal. It's 2010, this is Australia,'There is no difference between what I can do and what any other females can do once I've finished all of my treatment.'

Major General Craig Orme, head of defense personnel for the army, contributed to the eventual change of regulations. Clinch however, has another 'clinch' to overcome: that of divorcing her wife, Tammy and forking out $10,000 for the reassignment surgery. Ouch! (Literally.)

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