From gut-busters to bulge-boosters

Bridget Jones, the epitome of the single, frumpy, middle-class career girl, swore by them, wearing them in the film of the same name to hide the awkward bits of her body she'd rather not put on show. And now it seems that blokes can also hide their (beer) bellies and pick up their backsides, thanks to Marks and Spencer's new control underwear for men.

In the same way that women crave a slimmer, more streamline silhouette, men have proved that when it comes to chatting up the ladies, a gut hanging over your belt and a sagging bottom don't work wonders. However, these new pants from the leading high street chain will nip and tuck, as well as perk and lift in all the right places, the News of the World reveals.

'The £15 bum-lift pants apparently raise bottoms by a pert 20 per cent, thanks to their seam-free fabric and design. And the £10 'frontal enhancement' pants have a 'unique integral shelf' that bumps up your lunchbox by a whopping 38 per cent.

A word of warning: if you happen to be of a portly size, best take a pair of scissors with you on your date. If all goes well, you might want to cut yourself out of your shrink-wrap instead of spending all night in the bathroom wrestling with it.

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