From bad to Waiss for X Factor's Katie.

Oh the ups and downs of an X Factor contestant! Not even Simon Cowell himself could have fabricated the next step in Katie Waissel’s X Factor journey.

After her most creditable performance to date, the newly-coiffured singer was leaving the stage when she was reportedly told the devastating news that her grandmother works as a prostitute.

According to the People newspaper, Katie's 81-year-old maternal grandmother Sheila Vogel charges £250 per hour for sex on a website called Vintage Vamps.

The paper quoted a family source as saying: ‘This has torn the family apart. Our only hope is that it doesn't lead to more goading of Katie.'

Under the pseudonym Cecilia Bird, Vogel, 82, appears on the website in a number of saucy snaps - one even shows her breasts through a fishnet top. The agency describes Vogel as its 'great dame'. On her profile, Sheila writes: Beneath my conservative exterior lurks the secret passion to meet up with like-minded gentlemen to share the taste of forbidden fruits.'

Shyness evidently not a family trait then.

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