Friends in high places

No-one has asked adult movie star and leading actress in such prestigious titles as 'Big Butts Like It Big #8' and 'White Bubble Butts #4' Sammie Spades if she has ever smoked a cigar. Doubtless the actress would think that the innueundo in the question was obvious (and the answer a very probable yes) but what about actual cigars belonging to heads of state?

The connection with Bill Clinton and that affair with Monica Lewinsky would not be lost on Sammie, who in 2006 was accepted as an intern to the office of one Hillary Clinton, now Secretary of State and wife to Bill, former President of the USA.

Having expressed interest in working for the power-suited iron lady of US politics, Sammie found that although her ambitions were once concerned with the Goverment and making policy, she soon found another, less conventional way to pay the bills, TMZ reports.

'Sammie says, 'I was planning on becoming an attorney and then going into public office' -- however, a couple years later she ran into money problems, abandoned politics ... and claims having sex on tape was the best way to pay the bills.'

Maybe she could work alongside the current administration with their regulations regarding the adult film industry...or just release another version of 'Bigger Booty is Best', perhaps.

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