Freedom of preach

In a Charles Dickens novel, possibly the Pitwick Papers, an angry, bitter character calls the law 'an ass' and quite possibly, he's right. And yes, we do mean 'ass' and not 'arse' - which would lead to quite a different article altogether!

A street preacher by the name of Anthony Rollins was arrested in 2008 for spouting out passages from the bible that condemn effeminate men and homosexuals to hellfire and damnation for eternity. The 45 year old regular on the streets of Birmingham has just been awarded £4,000 in damages due to the arrest compromising his freedom of speech, the Pinknews informs us.

'According to the [Daily Mail], Mr Rollins said he challenged the arrest for 'freedom of speech', rather than the money. He added: 'I wonder if they would have arrested the Bishop of Birmingham if he had been preaching on the street? Would they have handcuffed him and dragged him off as if he was a common criminal?'

One man's figure of salvation, another man's figure of damnation.

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