Forum for flashers

You're in a park in the afternoon, dressed in only your best shady, detective-looking rain mac when all of a sudden, you're not quite sure how to go about exposing yourself, in true flasher style, to the group of women to your left who are out walking their dogs. Panic sets in and fear takes over but worry not (or maybe for the rest of us, worry alot!) as a new website aims to help first-time flashers out with bits of advice from the pros.

Jezebel directed our attention towards dickflash.com, where those with experience at getting off in public and showing the world their genitals can swap information on how to go about your (dirty) business in secret:

Tidbits include: '1) How to obtain fake license plates for 'carjacking' [we're not sure what this involves exactly.] 2)How to properly photograph the act — 'the tasks of keeping the dick & female in the same frame while jerking and being aware of your surroundings is somewhat overwhelming while at a spa or outdoor park,' complained one commenter. [Quite.]' and finally 'How to hide your genitalia with books and newspapers, just enough to avoid being caught. 'It is all about positioning,' commented the aptly-monikered 'Crazy Jerking.''

Place your bets on how long this website will be in existence for before public outcries and witch-hunts for suspicious men lurking around parks in macs take hold.

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