A stripper cover-up

Another something 'gate', another incident of sexual misconduct in public offices. We had Bill Clinton lying to camera about known sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky using 'that' cigar. Known politicians and constituency MPs solicit rent boys and girls with online profiles. If it was all about the sex, some misdemeanors could possibly be forgiven (at some unprescribed future point) but possible situations where officials use their power to cover-up murder cases of those they had dalliances with? That's another matter altogether.

And so we arrive at the complicated interactions between former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and a victim of a fatal shooting, Tamara Greene, a stripper. Greene had previously lap-danced for the Mayor at a party in 2002; now her family are claiming that Kilpatrick stifled her murder investigation, having had all emails connected to her case deleted from the city's computer server, the Huffington Post reveals.

'Kilpatrick was in court to answer questions about what may have happened to his e-mail in 2002 and 2003. After more than two hours of testimony, he offered his firmest public denial yet of any role in stifling the investigation: 'Unequivocally, we never discussed Tamara Greene. It had absolutely nothing to do with us,' Kilpatrick said in response to friendly questioning by a city attorney.'

'Kilpatrick said city officials knew that text messages, not e-mail, were the way to get his attention. Indeed, sexually explicit messages with his chief of staff led to his ouster from City Hall.'

It's yet another case of 'who is watching the watchmen?' or in this case, the sexual antics of the watchmen?

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