Footie legend Landon lands UK girl with baby

Now that England is out of the World Cup, and our Three Lions team have made their way back to British soil, there can be no doubt that the only thing they left behind in South Africa was some national pride. However, for one US football star who played in the World Cup, there was something a little more substantial left behind after his recent stay at Everton: a baby.

A unnamed British girl has come forward to claim that Landon Donovan slept with her whilst he played for British team Everton last season and now one British newspaper is set to reveal her identity to the media. Landon was, however, made aware of the revelation, during the World Cup: 'I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support', he told the Daily Mail.

Landon is currently seperated from his wife of almost a year, US actress Bianca Kajlich but sources say that they had recently been on good terms and considering getting back together. Maybe Landon could get some tips from fellow LA Galaxy player David Beckham on how to be a great British dad...and on how to manage his extra-marital affairs better.

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