Footballer’s Dubai-ous behaviour

The tabloids are literally foaming at the mouth at the news rumours that Tottenham Hotspur striker Peter Crouch allegedly visited the flat of an air hostess at 3am in the morning while on a team bonding trip in Dubai.

The story is infinitely more juicy owing to the fact that England player Crouch, 30, has just become a father with fiancée Abbey Clancy. It’s alleged that the man mountain of a man Crouch was signed to the swanky Millennium Tower hotel complex by a particularly attractive member of the female sex, namely Suzanne Thunestveit, 22, following a hard night's clubbing with his Spurs teammates.

The Tower's handwritten vistors’ book allegedly shows Crouch signed in as 'Peter Johnson', a guest of ‘Suzie’, though the fake surname was crossed out and replaced with his real name.

The Mail is quick to point out that there’s ‘no suggestion Crouch was involved in any improper conduct with Suzanne,’ begging the question why they published the story in the first place!

But after being questioned by ultra-strict security staff at the hotel, which houses 1000 Emirates Airline staff, the Spurs man, famed for his robot-dancing goal celebrations, left ten minutes later.

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