Fooled you!

It’s a marriage scam that beggars belief. In India, a bride was fooled into marriage with another woman – without realising her husband’s true gender until a year later.

Minati Khatua, 26, from Orissa, married Sitakant Routray, who received a substantial dowry from the marriage, including an Indica car, gold ornaments and more than £350 in cash.

‘He had impressed everyone in my family and they willingly agreed to our marriage,’ said Khatua.

But after the wedding she grew increasingly suspicious, as her new husband continually avoided physical contact on the pretext of a religious vow.

‘I would try hard to find out and confirm his gender but failed repeatedly,’ she said. ‘One day I managed to force open the bathroom door when he was having a bath and my worst fears became true. He was a woman.’

Local police are on the hunt for the bogus husband, who has done a runner with a car and a jeep, bought with loans taken out in his wife’s name.

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