Fly Free

The Germans are well-known for their liberal attitudes to nudity, but this is one thing we didn’t necessarily expect. Just when us bashful Brits were just starting to get used to nude beaches and spas, our Teutonic friends have gone and upped the ante. 

Not happy with just being naked once they are on holiday, now they want to travel there naked too. The founder of holiday company Ossiurlaub.de, Enrico Hess, is offering naked flights to your fave destinations and apparently it looks to be a hit. Already with just pre-booking applications they could fill their planes two or three times over!

However anyone who thinks this is an easy access route to the Mile-high club is very much mistaken – the flight is simply about feeling free in your birthday suit. And not to worry about dropping your coffee in your lap during a patch of turbulence – hot drinks are not allowed. Phew!

So if you want to just strip down and fly free as a bird, then get on one of these flights!

(Image: from unterbacher’s flickr stream)

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