A new film hits America cinemas soon, which could leave faint-hearted men feeling queasy while women rush to the gynaecologist/dentist for a check-up. Teeth: the movie first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (winning a prize for Special Dramatic Jury Prize for Acting). It’s a comic horror about a girl dealing with her toothed vagina. Yes, you heard that right, a vagina with teeth. (Brushing could be fun, just don’t use mouthwash!)

The film is based on vagina dentata, an old myth warning men of the perils of sleeping with strange women. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.

The release of Teeth got us thinking of other possible horror movie plots. How about a sci-fi thriller about breasts that shoot bullets - Titty Titty Bang!Bang!

(Image: from Rev Dan Catt’s flickr stream)

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