First Wives Club

It's enough to make Germaine Greer rip up her personal copy of 'The Female Eunuch' and for the presenters on 'Loose Women' to take to the streets in protest: some women, it seems, are devoting themselves to sexually satisfying their husbands 100%, and are even taking classes on how to do it, NPR reveals.

Named the 'Obediant Wives Club' and located in Southern Jakarta, the group was founded with the sole principle of educating Muslim wives in how to cater for their husband's every sexual whim, and so prevent him from cheating or resorting to prostitution, both of which are social plagues on the country.

Despite the Government in Malaysia supporting and maintaining equal rights for both men and women, the group was founded by the conservative Islamic group Global Ikhwan as a way of promoting obediance between both sexes, and so create domestic harmony:

'Makruf Amin, of the influential Indonesian Cleric Council, said he saw no problem with the club as long as it does not violate principles of Islam.'

'As long as it just wants to teach good things to the wives, that is OK,' he said.'

However, back in UK, reactions to the group's popularity have been mixed:

'Ellin Rozana of the Women's Institute sees the club as a wrongheaded effort to fight prostitution, which she said is caused more by poverty than by husbands' unfulfilled desires.'

'Such a club is backward in emancipation and respect of women's rights,' she said.

Can't win 'em all!

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