Orgasm inc.

In the Middle Ages, it was nicknamed the 'little death' and it achieved fame in the sexploitation movies of the sixties and seventies with the arrival of films such as 'O'. It caused a furore in the nineties with the introduction of the most effective way women could achieve one, i.e., through a certain rabbit-shaped sex toy. Now, one US film-maker is exploring why some women don't have them at all and the background industry that has sprung up around the importance of having them. Enter: The Orgasm.

Liz Canner, who investigates the ideas behind female sexual dysfunction or F.S.D., as it's otherwise known in her new film 'Orgasm Inc.', talks to specialists, doctors, sufferers and couples in order to discover how this secret epidemic came about and why people are so fixated on the orgasm as ultimate 'end result' for having sex, the NY Times reveals.

'The film finds its heart, however, in the lively company of Charletta, who submits to the implantation of a scary device called an orgasmatron in hopes of achieving simultaneous orgasm with her husband. The implant — whose makers credit neither Woody Allen’s 'Sleeper' nor Wilhelm Reich’s energy accumulator — only makes her leg twitch.

Maybe the film should be filed between the Sci-Fi and Sociology film titles in your local library.

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