Feeling a little horse...

Nobody needs this good neigh-bour. Out in West London, police have arrested a pensioner on suspicion of having it off with a horse. Yes a pensioner getting jiggy with a horse. Frankly, he’s old enough to know better, and didn’t exactly plan what he was going to do that thoroughly as he decided to enter the equine animal in a pretty public place.

In what appears to be some horrible outtake of Equus, a motorist spotted the old man fiddling with the horse as he drove along the A30 near Feltham in Middlesex.

According the The Sun – the renowned bastion of hard-hitting, serious news - the old geezer ‘fessed up to the fuzz, telling them that he was attracted to horses and, well, couldn’t resist himself when he spotted the unlucky animal.

Although we don’t particularly want you to conjure this image in your mind, but horses are pretty high animals - so how exactly did the old man get his old fella in the home straight, so to speak?

Wonder if he hit the gee gee spot?

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