Father and daughter have baby

If this isn't a sexploit and a half, we don't know what is. Man meets woman. Man falls in love with woman. Man and woman do the horizontal morris dance, Man and woman pop a sprog. Man and woman are prosecuted by police for not quite just being 'man and woman' - but father and daughter!

Australian couple John and Jenny Deaves, were separated for 30 years when John left the family - only to be reunited seven years ago. But instead of a tearful reunion over the family photo album, John and Jenny fell in love. And now have an 'so far so healthy' 11 month old baby, Celeste.

Jenny described looking at her old man John soon after she re-met him and thinking he wasn't half bad, if not a bit old - and her dad! But instead of leaving it down to a nasty case of the way too thick beer goggles, John said , 'emotions took over' and although he knew it was wrong - 'so what?'

The couple (who look spookily alike) talked openly about their relationship on an Australian TV show recently, having been ordered by police to stop the father- daughter monkey business - or face seven years in jail.

But John's ex wife Dorothy tells a different story, saying the pair weren't separated for 30 years, and may have begun their incestuous relationship when Jenny was still a teenager and John living with Dorothy.The plot thickens....

John and Jenny have declined to comment, asking only that people treat them with compassion and let them carry on living together as a normal family, (albeit without having sex). Though short of having a 24 hour web cam in the bedroom, it's anyone's guess how the police could ever check up on them!

Occasionally life really is stranger than fiction...Take a look at Jenny and John together

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