All bar none

It comes as a bit of a shock when in today's age of equality, we see some gay organisations choosing to discriminate against gay people. Actually, its not so much a shock as general confusion and questions being asked such as: 'Are you sure that's not a typo?' and 'maybe this is a joke/political statement/PR stunt?' etc. Such questions might have been asked of AXM, a company that owns many of the famous gay bars in Manchester that recently started advertising for straight people to hand out its flyers.

Apparently, attempts were made to balance out the ratio of gay to straight staff (which, on Canal Street, we could expect to be fairly lopsided) which lead to the applications for 'flyerers/pr people for Downtown. Ideally 2 blokes/1 girl. Straight, Good looking, Outgoing etc. 20 hours per week, £6 an hour', the Pinknews reveals.

Haydn Pope of AXM group had this to say: 'Our brand new venue is situated in a hugely busy student area within Manchester, and as such I felt, and still feel, that a couple of straight students who are already established into that particular student group would be a perfect complement to our existing team of PR and flyerers.'

Aaaah diversification! We almost didn't recognise you there!

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