Family of 10-year-old mother ‘very happy’

The international outcry that followed a 10-year-old girl giving birth in Southern Spain came as a surprise for the girl’s mother, who described the family as ‘very happy.’

‘She's doing well and is very happy with her daughter,’ she said of her child, Eleanor, and new granddaughter Nicoletta.

Authorities in Spain have described the family as belonging to the Romania’s large population of Roma, one of the most socially-disadvantaged minority group in Southeastern Europe.

The new grandmother, who identified herself only as Olimpia, told reporters that the baby’s father is a 13-year-old. He lives in Romania and the young couple have since split up, she added.

Spain considers sex with someone under the age of 13 as child abuse. Eleanor and newborn Nicoletta are living with their family while social services investigate.

Olimpia told reporters in the southern town of Lebrija that it is traditional for Roma girls to have unofficial wedding ceremonies when they are very young even though the state doesn’t recognize them.

‘That's the way we get married,’ she said.

The Spanish authorities have released few details about the girl to protect her privacy. It is thought that she moved to Spain last month.

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