Facebook founder's sordid past in new film

Facebook CEO, and inventer of the world's largest online networking site, Mark Zuckerberg, is soon to have his private sex-life shown on the big screen, if plans to launch a new film based on the creation of the networking website get underway.

'The Social Network' tells the story of how Zuckerberg drops out of college after creating an early prototype of the site and moves to Silicon Valley, California to create Facebook with co-founder Sean Parker. What causes his inspiration to create the early prototype is made clear in one scene where the world's greatest computer geek wizard gets dumped by his girlfriend and embarks on a steamy path of hook-ups in bars and sex with 'groupies'.

The Times Online goes so far as to say that the film's screenplay 'suggests Parker knew Zuckerberg was driven not just by money or fame but also sexual insecurity. While he is depicted as receiving sex in bars, Parker runs the business.' With Zuckerberg now owning Parker's share in the company, it looks like he got his priorities right!

The film is due to be launched in October, starring Jesse Eisenbery & Justin Timberlake. You might have to watch out for trailers and advertisements to remind you of the date: we're not sure whether there will be a Facebook group page set up for it.

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