A bit of a boob for the 'Book

The film 'The social network' showed just how the biggest peer-to-peer website of our generation was founded off the back of a website that allowed college guys to rate the appearance of college girls and compare them to farm animals. Not such honourable beginnings. And now? The banning of sites relating to breast-feeding has left many former members in a complete titty. Sorry, tizzy!

Jessica Martin-Weber, founder of the formerly-popular FB site 'The Leaky Boob', where profile members could share tips and tricks for effective breast-feeding as well as post-up photos relating to said (mammary) issue, received notification from Facebook that the site had violated its terms and conditions. Consequently, those members found their profiles removed from the site and the site itself was removed, the Register reveals.

'Meanwhile, Martin-Weber said there was nothing on her page that would compare with the content of sites such as Facebook’s Playboy page. She adds: 'The first media coverage I could find on this problem dates back to 2007. You would think Facebook would get tired of this and make some necessary changes. Four years is long enough: fix it.'

Facebook responded stating that it had a duty to protect all of its members, including those children over the age of 13 who used the site. Whilst obviously refraining from accessing dodgy material online, of course...

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