Fabulous Matt is baking hot!

We ’re seeing a new side to the former Blue Peter and Countryfile presenter Matt Baker. The 32-year-old is setting hearts a-racing on the dancefloor with his Strictly partner Aliona Vilani, putting paid to his wholesome, boy-next-door reputation.

The handsome country boy has recently posed for pictures dressed as the sexiest stud of them all, Mr Darcy, and is quietly coming to terms with his new found status as sex symbol. He said:

‘When you look at the Strictly bill you think, ‘That person is here because of that’ and, ‘They’ll be liked because of that’ and suddenly I’m being talked about too. I expected people to think I’m really cheesy, but it’s different. There are all these polls where people vote for weird things like sexiest man and when you come out top of those it’s odd.’

I’d enjoy the attention if I were him. Go on Baker, give us a butchers’ at those bulging arms. Cor!

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