Eye Candy

Normally when someone complains about having a poor diet, we imagine that they may pig out on one too many pork pies, or have an intolerance to gluten - which may or may not prevent them from going to town on a tub of 'Ben & Jerry's'. But can a fall in blood sugar lead to inadvertant sexual advances?

Apparently, they can, claims one Ukranian tourist, Iurii Chumak, 53, who was recently restrained on board a British Airways flight to America's JFK Airport, after groping an air stewardess when she proceeded to lean past him to serve coffee, the NY Post reveals.

He proceeded to slide his fingers up her skirt and rub his fingers along her genital area, eye witnesses claim.

'After the assault, other flight attendants placed Chumak in restraints for the remainder of the flight, officials said.'

'Upon the jet's arrival at JFK Airport, FBI agents were waiting and they arrested Chumak and charged him with knowingly assaulting a flight attendant.'

Chumak claimed low blood sugar levels were to blame for the whole grievous incident, despite the fact that 'during the flight, a passenger had complained to cabin personnel that the Ukrainian was drinking a bottle of Dewar's Scotch and had become 'verbally abusive' to the passenger's wife, according to a report filed by federal prosecutors.'

Jelly Beans: apparently as vital to a flight's success as an ample quantity of sick bags.

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