Extreme CLOSE-UP!!

Sometimes scientific break-throughs can stun and amaze us when we are presented with the possibility for beating some incurable disease or when less abled people are suddenly given a new lease of life. Sometimes, however, we don't particularly want to see the magnified implications of what this achievement in science involves, especially when it involves big photos of...our swimmers.

But it's exactly because of a powerful new magnification process that fertility experts in Australia have been able to identify which sperm will be less likely to fertilise an egg in couples where the male partner suffers from a genetic disorder, diabetes or impotence, the Huffington Post reveals. The more able-bodied swimmers are then selected to fertilise the egg in question.

'And so far, it's transferred into higher success rates, the medical director of IVF Australia, Peter Illingworth, told The Sydney Morning Herald. 'Our experience has shown this technique produces more fertilized eggs, more embryos to transfer or freeze, and a significantly higher pregnancy rate than was possible before.'

But do we have to see the pictures in the news? It's more of a fantastic innovation in fertility treatment that should...well...be more of a private thing between couples, maybe.

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