Extended family

With one American gay couple recently deciding to tie the knot after travelling through each American state to exchange vows - which included some LGBT-friendly regions and some less so - its seems gay and lesbian Americans are adding their weight to the ongoing debate about the acceptance of homosexuals marrying in each area of the country.

For one gay couple, Steve and Roger Ham, realising the dream of having a large family meant going against the adoption legal system in their home of Arizona to be take on the challenging role of looking after twelve children, Pinknews tell us.

'The couple are both listed on the birth certificates of their two children from Washington, while only Steven is the legal parent of the ten adopted in Arizona.'

'Steven, a part-time care worker and temp, and Roger, a school-bus driver, told the Arizona Republic about the military precision needed to get the kids fed, washed, dressed, to school and to various activities ever day. They have a 15-seater van and as well as 12 children, look after four dogs, two cats, a guinea pig and a parrot.'

Not only are the couple able to effectively care for their troupe but education and discipline are amongst the foremost of the values they are actively passing on to their family.

It really does seem like the end of the 2.4 children, nuclear family era. And for good reason, it seems.

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