Ding dong!

We're never usually one for watching the clock but certain activities have us craning our necks over the office desks, desperately trying to figure out how many minutes it's been since our last coffee break. During intimate liaisons, it would have to be pretty uninspiring nookie to risk taking a sneak peek at the time but maybe you could help keep the momentum going by concentrating on an ideal party-piece/conversation starter: an old-fashioned erotic watch.

One such collection of said particular time pieces, fashioned by (horny) horologists in Switzerland, went under the hammer at Antiquorum, a Geneva-based auction house on Sunday where buyers were keen to snap up the 18th and 19th Century pieces. Details on the clock faces included racy scenes of peeping-toms spying on couples and countryside scenes of a very 'pastoral' nature, Reuters reveals.

'The collection's septuagenarian Swiss owner, who wants to remain anonymous, plans to sell the remaining objects in a separate auction in France later this year as nobody in his family is interested in carrying on his work, [Antiquorum Director Etienne Lemenager] said. 'He enjoyed collecting and now he is enjoying selling because he was involved with us doing the catalogue and was happy to provide comments on some of the pocket watches,' Lemenager said, adding that preparing the sale was a lot of fun.'

We think it would be quite fun if the public viewing the exhibition could have added their own comments as well, although there would have to be a great deal of heavy censoring.

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