Bomber bummer

It seems like such a long time ago that women decided they'd had enough with the glass ceilings in our corporations and big businesses, enough with unequal pay and pretend gender equality and finally, enough with men in general. This, ladies and gentlemen, was the dawning of the age of the lipstick lesbian, when girls forgot to shave their armpits, cake themselves up in make-up and thinking that a penis was the answer to their prayers.

But can a bad relationship really convince us to start playing for the other team? That would in all honesty depend on the rotten apple that poor unfortunate you ended up with. If that someone had caused distress and upset to thousands of people, chances are no one would blame you. As the Sun Online tells us, this is exactly what happened to Nicki Pike, ex squeeze of July 7/7 terrorist Jermaine Lindsay:

'Every day I ask myself what would have happened if I had gone with him. It sickens me to think he wanted me next to him as he blew up all those innocent people. I can never forgive him.

'He's ruined countless lives. But I've found true love and he can't hurt me now.'

Nicki now lives with partner Holly in the Isle of Wight and the two are planning to marry this Summer. It looks like this sapphic conversion might be a permanent one!

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