Everyone wants to sleep with this wife

Complaining about your wife snoring in the sack? Annoyed with the old ball and chain spending all your hard earned cash on clothes and cocktails? Fed-up with not getting enough cuddle-time with the missus? Gentlemen, one man in Korea may have found the perfect solution to your worries: the pillow bride.

Obsessed with anime characters and spurning Korea's plentiful bounty of eligible young females, one Lee Jin-gyu recently married his ideal woman: a large, 'woman-sized' pillow or 'dakimakura', bearing the image of Fate Testarossa. Lee, who counts himself as one of Korea's many nerds or 'otaku' follows in a line of gentlemen rejecting traditional human brides, whom they accuse of only marrying the richest of bachelors, in favour of inanimate or electronic spouses.

Lee has been romancing his cushion cutie for some time, the Metro newspaper reports. Friends have even stifled their laughter long enough to comment that when he goes out to eat he takes it with him and it gets its own seat and its own meal.' Not one for dinner-time conversation though, we're guessing....

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