Every little (blue pill) helps...

Health-food fanatics boast of the benefits of eating certain types of food to help keep the wind in your sails in the bedroom: ginger, red meat and avocado, to name but a few helpers. However, the next time you're in Tesco stocking up on these essentials, or getting ready for a stir-fry, you might as well just grab a pack of Viagra, which the leading supermarket chain will soon be selling.

Costing £52 for a pack of eight tablets (we advise you choose your evenings carefully for the next fortnight), the pills will go on sale from 27 September in major outlets, the Sun Online reports.

Staff have received training from professionals posing as customers to ensure that Tesco pharmacists are on hand to deal with any situation:

'Trainers posed as a man coming into the store, confidently sitting down, saying he wasn't able to perform a sex act and using a slang term. A second scenario saw an older man who was very nervous and couldn't get his words out.'

A bit like buying your first pack of condoms, then! Only this time you've probably got quite a few unopened packets at home.

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