Every gay man's dream?

Look past the flourescent Euro-tan, avert your eyes from the slicked back hair, hide from the the tight white jeans and pretend you never really noticed the plucked eyebrows. What do you get? The Sexiest Man Alive.

Cocksure Man Utd winger Cristiano Ronaldo has been voted Sexiest Man Alive in a poll by the Gay Times. The gay publication generously handed top gong to the young player, shouldering other contenders such as James Franco, and Aussie hottie Matthew Matcham clean out of the running. Ronaldo, who is never shy of whipping his shirt off whenever duty calls, has long been a fixture on the gay wishlist with web samurai Perez Hilton regularly blogging about his dreamy pecs.

Congrats to Cristiano, yet another gong to pop on the mantelpiece.

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