Eva Mendez slips up

So female stars have had their fair share of nip slips or the occasional whole boob ‘accidentally’ falling out (a la Janet Jackson), but it’s not often when a star literally brings out the big guns.

Well, Eva Mendez gave the male French population and now, thanks to YouTube, the whole world, a little treat. In an interview with a French TV show the sexy star wore a very low cut dress  - when we say low cut, we mean, a huge great gaping hole was cut out of the middle of the chest area.  So she must be absolutely shocked and embarrassed to know that during the interview her massively gaping dress may have slipped to the side to reveal – shock horror – her nipple.

To call this one a nip slip though, would be rather inaccurate. It was more of a full on flash to the French. It seems that after posing nude for the Peta Fur campaign, Miss Mendez just can’t get enough of getting naked. And neither can we. How ever you feel comfortable Eva…

(Image: from YouTube)

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