Eunuchs fight back

Castration might seem to be the worst fate a man could think of, but in India it comes with its perks. Traditionally eunuchs are believed to have supernatural powers, and they’ll often perform at weddings, births and housewarmings – for a fee, of course. So bye-bye balls, hello cash. But it is because of this that an unusual problem has arisen in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

No, men aren’t lopping off their crown jewels to make a quick buck – but they are masquerading as the testicularly challenged and turning up at celebrations to make money. (The cheek!)

This has led to a spate of rather angry (genuine) eunuchs, and brawls have broken out in the streets of Madhya Pradesh. In response, local authorities want to issue licences to real eunuchs, despite many complaints against pressuring people into physical examinations.

Surely letting the doctor have a quick peek is worthwhile if it means safeguarding your income? We’d advise our considerable eunuch readership to get to the doctor and stop those fakes!

(Image: from Joe Shlabotnik's flickr stream)

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