EU attacks rabbits...of the rampant kind

They say you should never discuss religion and politics - well, those that want an easy life anyway - but what about politics and sex? Those topics are fresh on the lips of supposedly Green MPs in the EU who are hoping to ban PVC material used to make white goods and kitchen appliances, as well as 'woman's best friend'. A man may have his dog to rely on but a woman has her (rampant) rabbit.

A world with less landfill sites chock-full of last year's broken toasters and microwaves is the goal that ministers sitting on the European Parliament are hoping for. However, the British Plastics Foundation has warned the News of the world that such an act 'would cost the industry almost £1billion' as the association would have to frantically replace the material with a worthy substitute. No more PVC, no more sex toys and that spells trouble.

Even UKIP chairman Paul Nuttall has offered his opinion, randomly, claiming that 'taking PVC out of electrical goods would cost millions... and cost the bedrooms of Britain a lot of fun.' I think we should hear from the voice that really matters: the women of England who, very soon, are going to be stocking up on those Jackie Collins novels and bars of Daily Milk like there's no tomorrow.

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