Erotic odour for her

Like most fantastic scientific products we like to report on, this latest sexy technological breakthrough has possibly been released untested. Because if we knew what mind-boggling effects the smell of a woman's vagina would have on a bloke just by smelling it in the street, we would have been following this story years ago. The implications, my friends, are incredible.

And so, onto the world stage 'Vulva' bursts forth, a perfume that captures the musky, welcoming essence of a lady's private parts for women to wear everyday, whilst shopping, getting their hair done or simply for a night on the town, reveals The Smoking Jacket online.

'Guido Lenssen, the man behind Vulva, has divulged that the fragrance is a mix of 'urine, sweat and female arousal [and] took 'many years of extensive testing and an especially developed preservation procedure' to re-create and bottle the essence.'

This Christmas, we'd like you to take a photo of the moment that your girlfriend or wife opens a present expecting Chanel no.5, only to find a small bottle of 'Eau de Unwashed.' It might well make our Christmas.

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