Enjoy some art with Torture Garden

Itching to go to Seduced: Art and Sex, the Barbican’s latest art exhibit? Don’t want to shell out £8 to get in? Then it’s time to break out your fetish gear.

This Thursday, London fetish club Torture Garden is throwing an after-hours viewing party – complete with DJ and fashion show.

Those donning the proper attire – described on TG’s website as “fetish, fantasy, burlesque, uniform, medical, kit kat cabaret, drag, electro freak, retro lounge exotica etc” – will get free admission. (We were wondering what etcetera could entail. Any suggestions?)

Changing rooms are available at the Barbican for those who find it hard to sit down on the tube in head-to-toe skin-tight leather and/or rubber. Late arrivals will be severely punished – we’re hoping.  

(Image: from geishaboy500‘s Flickr stream)

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