Holy Wickets!

Cricket: not the arena we usually associate with guys who like guys, although we'll admit, there's a certain element of strange machismo in locker-room antics, wearing jockstraps with cups and trying to keep your whites whiter than white. But when Gareth Thomas, the welsh rugby who came out earlier last year, decided to break down the barrier between matcho sport and being gay, he scored points both on and off the pitch.

And now its the turn of Stephen Davies, a wicket-keeper who plays for England and who has also decided to reveal his sexuality so that he and his team can concentrate on their efforts, the Pinknews reveals. And many English men would agree that nothing is worth distracting our boys from winning 'The Ashes'!

'Mr Davies described how he faced the team for the first time after the coach told them he was gay. He said that each man shook his hand and told him he had done the right thing. But he said that the strain of hiding his sexuality had been hard. 'If I am brutally honest, I never enjoyed touring because of my secret and having to conceal my sexuality,' he says.

Now Davies can well and truly enjoy living in a 'batsman's paradise', carefree.

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