Emperor's new clothes line

It's a powerful paradox for our quiet Wednesday morning here at the Excite offices: in order to sell clothes by a high-street but designer-like brand, such as (ahem) one American Apparel, use models that don't actually wear the clothes that you are trying to promote. And what's more: make them topless.

Such is AA's new controversial advertising campaign, with titles such as 'Nail polish and panties', which features a young female model wearing nothing but rayban-like sunnies and frilly panties whilst she paints her nails red. And the reaction? Twitterers and wannabe fashion critics have been decidedly negative, labelling the adverts as 'creepy' and 'boring', the Metro Online reveals.

'American Apparel is famous for its provocative advertising campaigns which often features employees or girls who have sent their photos to the company's website. The ads are known for their lack of airbrushing but the highly sexualised images have landed the fashion brand in trouble before. In 2009, a campaign featuring a model dressed in a hoody was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority on the basis that it 'could be seen to sexualise a model who appeared to be a child'.

Sex without the sexy maybe? Sex sells whereas nudity is in the eye of the beholder...or are we mixing our sexy metaphors here...

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