Emma Watson unamused at ’topless’ pics

Even Harry Potter himself would marvel at today’s standards of photo wizardry. But for Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the film series, the magic of Photoshop has conspired to play a cruel trick on her, as ’naked’ pictures of the star were circulated by around her campus at the prestigious Brown University in the States.

The offending snap apparently pictures the 20-year-old actress naked with a towel around her waist standing by a hot tub.

‘Emma is trying to seek out the source so she can put a stop to it,’ said a friend. ‘She says the picture has been faked.’

Emma’s spokesperson said: ‘There have been a number of nude fakes over the past two months. Emma has seen them and finds them tiresome. People should know better.’

Indeed they should. What a shame Harry’s not around to whip up a spell and deal with the culprits.

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