A firm with clearly big aspirations yesterday unveiled the world’s largest ever pair of pants. The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL drawers were made with women who weigh 45 stone and a waistline of 105 inches in mind.

British manufacturers The Big Bloomers Company launched the range of exceptionally large pants earlier this year, and were quickly bombarded by orders from obese women world-wide.

Co-owner Dianne Mannering, 68, of Penryn, Cornwall, said: ‘We realised there was a woeful lack of selection and so decided to cater for much larger women. But I was surprised when I started receiving calls asking for even bigger ones. New Zealand and Australia are the biggest takers. Our customers have given us help to tweak the design and make the knickers more accommodating.’

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed that 1.7 million Brits wear pants and knickers they’ve owned for more than 10 years. With Christmas upon us, we know what’s on our list of must-haves.

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