Duvet dates for Duffy

Well, well, well...it seems that the welsh sixties-sounding siren Duffy has been out of action recently. Well, no actually that's probably not the right phrase to use: she's been out of action in the public eye for sometime, having recently launched her latest album 'Endlessly' and having been promoting hit singles from her latest offering. Why could this be, we began to wonder...

According to the Sun online, the pint-sized popstrell has been staying in bed all day and everyday with her boyfriend, rugby player Mike Phillips, and has had little inclination from doing much else. Aside from what most people get up to bed and given half the chance, would be doing most of the time every day!

'Duffy adds that it's not even worth them going out to socialise. She said: 'At parties we end up snogging in the corner. We were at one recently and thought, 'We can do this at home' and left. 'Our friends were not best pleased on New Year's Eve because we just cracked open the champagne between us and got really drunk.'

Maybe there was more than one person in the bed with them that night, perhaps?

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