A revolution is in the air, the professionals say. Gone are the days of masculine-orientated porn where the women being manhandled look like they are miles away, thinking of what food shopping they have to do or whether they've paid the gas bill. Soon, porn for women will take over where storylines are realistic and the plot carries the action.

The Dutch, being quite progressive with respects to all things sex-related, have created a new tv channel called 'Dusk' specifically target at ladies, that shows erotic programmes ranging from full on lesbian hardcore scenes to blurry, dreamy romantic fiction bound to appeal to the modern-day missus, Globalpost tells us.

'We call it porna, to give the idea that it’s porn made for women, something different from traditional porno,' said Martijn Broersma, the man behind Dusk. Set up three years ago, Dusk, with its distinctive chili pepper logo, now shows 24/7 on three Dutch networks including the Netherlands’ two largest cable providers, making it available to 1.2 million viewers. 'Women really like to see explicit content,' Broersma explained. 'They want to have proof that it’s really happening, that it’s not fake.'

The women the network has in mind are probably quite fed up with faking enough things already!

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