Dummy love

So we had Russell Brand getting up to all sorts with his vacuum cleaner, now we have actress Winona Ryder having sex with a ventriloquist’s dummy. OK, it’s for her new film The Ten, so we suppose that makes it marginally less weird – marginally…

The film, which features a frantic sex scene between Winona and the dummy, uses satirical shorts to illustrate the Ten Commandments – the basis of Judeo-Christian morality. (Can anyone see this causing a kerfuffle?)

So which commandment is Winona illustrating then? Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s dummy?  Whichever one it is, it looks like the film is going to make “interesting” viewing to say the least. But we feel Winona would’ve been better suited to a different Commandment. Thou shalt not steal, maybe? 

(Image: from YouTube)

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