Driving you wild

A few weeks ago, we featured the ultimate guide to in-car sex , The Carma Sutra, revealing how to get the most of your motor (and we aren’t talking about your driving experience). Now a survey by Diamond car insurance reveals that book shops in Wales should maybe think about stocking up on this motoring manual.

Some 46% of the Welsh have had sex in a car, which is the highest percentage in the UK. And who can blame them? With acres of rolling countryside, a bit of deserted road must seem rather inviting for couples who just can’t wait until they get home. Londoners on the other hand are the least likely to indulge in a romp on the road – but with congestion charges, they’d be better off in bed, than paying to get laid…

So – regional differences aside, how many of us Brits are having sex in our cars? A whopping 45% apparently, and it’s not just naughty 17-year-olds getting out of their parental homes. Apparently grandma and granddad are getting up to all sorts with 39% of those aged 60 or above also getting motored up in their motors.

So if you’re going to get it on in your car – which judging by this survey, most of you are – grab a copy of the Carma Sutra for a smoother ride…

(Image: from robad0b’s flickr stream)

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