It seems the more secretive side to Germany's sexual appetites were unveiled for the public yesterday when a sex slave was seen performing a bizarre ritual outside in the freezing January snow in one particular neighborhood. Not only were onlookers treated to a remarkable spectacle of a rubber gimp in full S&M gear, at what might have been a relatively unsociable hour, but his appearance sparked fears of a bio-terrorist threat being carried out against the country!

The sex-slave, complete with rubber gas-mask and fetish wear was seen rolling around in the snow and gasping for air - behaviour that could adequately be described as a 'little unusual' but was in fact interpreted as the dying throes of the victim of biological warface, the Smoking Jacket reports.

'But once police arrived and discovered that the man had simply been ordered to stroll the streets in his sluttiest naughty slut gear and then spend a few minutes immersing himself in the cold snow (his punishment for some undisclosed bad behavior such as not doing a thorough enough job of licking cigarette ash off of his mistress’s stillettos), he was released without incident.'

Warnings have now been issued to the public about parading your gimps outside for the world to see. Advice about airing dirty (crotchless rubber) underwear in public, maybe?

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