DIY sex toys

A website is giving instructions on how to make sex toys out of everyday household objects. Don’t you just love the Internet?

Ever wondered which plant products are best for sex? Why not try out the Classic Cucumber Dildo, the asparagus clit vibe or maybe getting stuck into the Papaya Pussy is more your kind of thing. And the added bonus is, get your rocks off with that lot and you certainly won’t need to worry about getting your 5-a-day…

There’s seasonal advice for spicing up your Christmas dinner, with 15 saucy ways to use your turkey-baster. And no, these aren’t tips to keep your turkey moist and juicy…

There are tips on how to muffle your noisy vibrator (the mind boggles), how to go sexy space age with a laser-sword dildo. So if you get bored slaving over the stove at Christmas, you know where to go for some inspiration.

Anyone seen our whisk?

(Image: from YouTube)

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