A long time in Divorce-land

This is the rare case of a divorce not ending in bitter acrimony, with one side throwing suitcases of clothes out of the window, exposed secret liaisons with other lovers or with neighbours and friends being pulled into a bitter dispute. From what we can tell, this particular seperation seemed fairly amicable except that the ex-wife of one Inderjeet Singh didn't really understand what her rights were, post-divorce process.

In 1983, Jasbir Kaur and Mr. Singh decided to seperate having had a son together seven years previously. So far so good (well almost.) However, after applying for alimony or spousal support a considerable 12 years later, having realised that she was entitled to a form of upkeep for her son, Jasbir has only just received the first of her payments, a full seventeen years after applying for alimony, NDTV reveals!

'Singh, a former sergeant with the Indian Air Force, was asked to pay alimony to Kaur by Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Rajneesh Kumar Gupta who said, "It is a settled law that a divorced wife is entitled to and can claim maintenance till she remarries. Divorce does not end the right to maintenance under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code.'

'The ASJ asked Singh to pay maintenance, upholding the May 26, 2010 order of the magisterial court, which had told him to pay his ex-wife a monthly maintenance of Rs. 3,000 from the date of filing of her application in April 1995.'

It must seem like a sudden wind-fall for Jasbir but we're thinking Inderjeet might be cursing the day he inadvertently 'forgot' to discuss alimony payments with his wife prior to their seperation...

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