A Cambridge student has made hisory by becoming the first to appear naked in college paper, Varsity.

The 20-year-old King’s College undergraduate student appears in nothing but a wooly scarf in the snaps. Evidently degrees weren’t on her mind - the risque photoshoot took place in a freezing field.

In another picture, brunette Charlotte (we reveal not her name so as not to ruin her life, like) cheekily reveals her rump as she stands in a meadow wearing only boots and a jacket.

What’s it all about, you cry? Well, the pictures were to promote model and fellow King’s College student Lily Cole’s knitwear label North Circular. Charlotte has defended their ‘artistic integrity’:

‘It was good fun and I thought the pictures had real artistic integrity. I had no qualms about doing it. I am happy with my body although I would change a lot of things if I had the power.’

All power to you Charlotte.

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